chamber and contemporary electronic music

  • "Le Danse De Masques" - quartet for violin, cello, clarinet and piano. Premiered at:


    51. Glazbena tribina Opatija, "Zvučna gesta" – text/dance/music recital to essays by A.G.Matoš, Nov 8th, 2014


    Katja Šimunić, direction, coreopgraphy. Silvija Marchig, dancer. Boris Bakal, voice

    musicians: Alisius Camerata quartet, Tomislav Babić, piano, Miro Kadoić, soprano-saxophone

    music by: Tomislav Babić, Ana Horvat, Miro Kadoić, Stanko Juzbašić



  • 47. Glazbena Tribina Opatija, Nov 5th, 2010 - within the program for electronic music works "Sam svoj majstor", T.Babic has presented two works; "Amenthes", and for the first time "Ombres Invisibles" . June 2nd, 2011, The Croatian Ministry of Culture has awarded the composition "Ombres Invisibles" in cathegory of contemporary electronic music works


  • Concert "Cluster", opening act: "Nimbus Dei" Oct5, 2010. Močvara Club, Zagreb

  • Concert "Nimbus Dei" Nov13, 2010. 4.PSST!! Silent Film Festival CeKaTe, Zagreb

  • Concert "Nimbus Dei" Nov20, 2010. Sine Linea - evenings opf experimental music, Galerija Karas, Zagreb



  • Concert "Nimbus Dei" June27, 2010. Močvara, Bijeli Zeko - Evening of psyhedelic music

  • Concert "Nimbus Dei" April20, 2010. Alternative Music Festival "Thirsty Ear", Teatar @TD


  • Nimbus Dei performed as part of 25th Music Biennale Zagreb official program

    Concert saw premiere of "The Fall Of Jerusalem", "Amenthes" and "Sol Invictus"

  • Quartet "Porin" held a concert to mark their 10yr anniversary, and among other works performed quartet "Umbra" at KD "Lisinski" on May12, 2009

  • String Quartet "Umbra" (I Ignis, II Tristis, III Perpetuus)(2007)

    premiered on festival 24. Muzički Biennale Zagreb.

    performed by Quartet "Rucner" at Museum Mimara on April 27, 2007

    festival catalogue

  • Mosaic - for piano & two flutes (1995), UCSB Composer's Forum Concert, May 14, 1995.

      Mosaic (isjecak)